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Meat Quality Assurance

We don't take chances with our meat

It may be a bit more expensive to buy quality meat, and a bit more time consuming to butcher it, but here at Red House Foods we like to know exactly what goes in our products. That way you can be sure when you eat our products you will not only enjoy their superb taste but know we have used high quality ingredients.

We only use British Chicken breast or inner fillets in all our chicken products. They arrive whole so we can chop them into bite sized pieces without additives, preservatives or water. This way we can be sure that we maintain their quality and freshness throughout.

We only use British Beef which means it was reared and slaughtered in the UK. Our British Beef arrives as forequarter beef, which we prepare and mince ourselves before we turn it into our amazing ragu sauce.

We take care with our meat just like we take care to maintain our Gluten Free environment. We are a dedicated Gluten Free facility in the heart of Wiltshire making only gluten free food so you can be sure of what you eat when you choose our products